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Boudoir photography and glamour sessions at my studio are for EVERY kind of woman. You are all so very unique and special, and there is never a limit to what you can do! My session are fun, relaxing, and when you leave, you feel so amazing, gorgeous, sexy and ready to take on the world! Boudoir is also for ALL ages! 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, even 60’s! You are beautiful the way you are right now! Don’t worry about those wrinkles, or losing that extra 10 pounds. . . it’s time to love yourself and the skin you are in. Embrace your beauty! A big thank you to my amazing clients who submitted their age groupings and allowed their images to be shared!

So gorgeous! I love this image from Ms. H’s boudoir session! She’s a new mom, and came in to celebrate her sexy, and give a gift to her special guy before he deploys. Patriotism was the theme of her photo session, but is was also red hot! Love!

HELLO HOTTIE! My giveaway winner and I had such an fun day at her session! We laughed our way through the day, and got the most amazing images from her boudoir photography session. I know her and her hubby are LOVING the images, and I do too! Um, hello! Look at those leg warmers!  Love! Fun, loving, dramatic, sexy. . . she has it all!

Love love love Ms. B’s outfit selection for her boudoir photography session at our studio! The white lace was beautiful and was perfect for the new Boho-Chic room! LOVE!

This week at the studio was amazing! I finalllllllllyyyyyyy had my session with the giveaway winner from last fall! We waited and scheduled the session for just a few days after she got her braces off (Thank you Mr. Ortho for getting them off in time!). We had the best time during her photo session! She was treated to hair and make-up by Sam (she’s my AH-mazing hair and make-up artist), and then got to have a kick-bootie photo session with me! I’m sharing one of her images as a sort of sneak-peek / life-message. LIFE IS TOO SHORT! To my lurkers out there (I know you are there, checking the website often, waiting/thinking/pondering/nervously waiting to message me), just do it!  You are at your best now, and there is not going to be a better time!  So. . . Ms. P (my boudoir session giveaway winner), and I were have so much fun! We were like long-lost best friends (only because we both secretly stalked each other on Facebook prior to the session – LOL!), and I seriously laughed so hard that I almost tee-tee’ed a bit! We set up this shot, because it was so hilarious, it just naturally happened and it was something I think we BOTH wanted to remember. . . the moral of the story here. . . life it too short, have fun, and butt dial (old-school style).  XXOO Ms. P! I will forever remember this moment, and thank you for being awesome! #bootiecall #buttdial

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