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Swoon!! I’ve been playing around with new lighting set ups in the studio and found one that I am absolutely in love with!!  Perfect for boudoir photography sessions, the dark background highlights and accents every beautiful curve! LOVE! A big thank you to my wonderful client for allowing me to share this image from her session. She came to the studio for a Bridal Boudoir session, and we had such a great time creating the perfect set of images for her fiancé! More to come with this style of lighting, keep a watch on my instagram for more images soon!

Dallas Boudoir Studio

Dallas Boudoir Photography

The studio has been busier than ever!  There have been so many amazing clients coming in to have their boudoir pictures taken at the studio in Frisco, and we have all been having so much fun!  It’s been so busy, that I’ve neglected updating the blog!! Although this is just a little quickie update, I wanted to let you know that I’ve been REALLY good about posting beautiful boudoir photos to my instagram account! Have you followed me yet? If not, you should! My insta info is: @mariepinkdoorboudoir.  A lot of my clients are requesting sneak peeks, and they are all going on my instagram, so make sure you follow me to see the latest boudoir images coming out of Pink Door Boudoir Studio!

Dallas Boudoir Studio

We all know that I love love love natural light, bright light, white backgrounds, etc. . . but lately, I’ve been embracing (and LOVING) the dark areas in the boudoir studio! The dark areas are perfect for capturing the little details, and adding drama to my clients boudoir photography session. I’m loving these shots from a recent boudoir session, and so thankful for being given the permission to share them!

Boudoir photography and glamour sessions at my studio are for EVERY kind of woman. You are all so very unique and special, and there is never a limit to what you can do! My session are fun, relaxing, and when you leave, you feel so amazing, gorgeous, sexy and ready to take on the world! Boudoir is also for ALL ages! 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, even 60’s! You are beautiful the way you are right now! Don’t worry about those wrinkles, or losing that extra 10 pounds. . . it’s time to love yourself and the skin you are in. Embrace your beauty! A big thank you to my amazing clients who submitted their age groupings and allowed their images to be shared!

I’ve been sharing sneak peaks on instagram every day from boudoir sessions in the studio (if you are not following me yet, do it! @mariepinkdoorboudoir). With permission, clients are saying YES to sneak peaks, so that they can see an image or two while they are waiting for editing. Of course anonymity is so important, so most are “faceless”, and I never-ever tag clients.  Even so, they are still unique and show emotion.  Today, one of my clients saw her sneak peak, and sent me a quick email. She’s a mom, a real woman, and she was so worried about her perceived flaws. Before she saw her sneak peak, she sent me this: “Thank you so much for today. I felt so nervous walking in, and amazing when I left!! You are amazing!!”.  After seeing her sneak-peak, here’s what she said:

P i n t e r e s t
F a c e b o o k
R e v i e w s
I n s t a g r a m