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A few blog posts ago I talked about embracing the darker side of my studio for boudoir sessions. I’m LOVING it, and so are the clients! Amazing boudoir images are coming out of the new “dramatic” sets at the studio.  These sultry and dramatic shots are becoming very popular as image covers for books and albums! Love boudoir, love my job, love photography and I adore my clients! I am so blessed and honored to have the opportunity to meet so many amazing, strong, brave, beautiful, awesome, bold and courageous women each week!

The open house at the studio this month was so fun! We had such an amazing turn out, and the food was AMAZING! Past clients, new clients, and friends all came, at it was a great event! I’m still playing “catch-up” on editing sessions – and I promise those amazing dramatic head shots the guests took are coming soon! Loved meeting everyone that came out!

I’ve got many boudoir sessions to add to the blog and portfolio, and I’m kicking it off with an amazing bridal boudoir photo session!  She was nervous to start, but quickly got comfortable and did such an amazing job with working her body and making the photo shoot awesome! I displayed some of her boudoir images at the open house, and everyone was convinced that she was a model. . . the answer? NOPE. . . Not a model! She’s a full-time career woman, super-sweet (and when I say “super” I should make that an all-caps SUPER) woman. Her final book was absolutely stunning! Loved her!

We all know that I love love love natural light, bright light, white backgrounds, etc. . . but lately, I’ve been embracing (and LOVING) the dark areas in the boudoir studio! The dark areas are perfect for capturing the little details, and adding drama to my clients boudoir photography session. I’m loving these shots from a recent boudoir session, and so thankful for being given the permission to share them!

Boudoir is for YOU. This statement is so important, and I tell all of my clients, like I’m telling you right now, your boudoir photography session is about YOU, who YOU are in this moment.  My clients are typically doing a boudoir session for their groom, boyfriend, husband, anniversary, birthday, etc. . . to the client – it’s all about who is going to receive the book. . . to me, it’s all about YOU.  In life, reasons why we do things and plans we have may not always happen the way we think.  Over the years, I’ve had a few clients get un-engaged, un-married, and un-boyfriend. . . in most cases, they let me know when it happens. I feel blessed when they do, because they almost always say the same thing. . . even though the outcome was not as they planned, they are still so happy to have done a boudoir session with me, they feel so much better about themselves, they are more confident, and are stronger than ever before and ready to move forward.


Empowerment is a strong word, and has so many different meanings. Today, take away this. . . boudoir is about YOU, and empowering YOU. If you are out there, and thinking “My husband would love this, but I just could never do that, it’s so NOT me”. . . “I’m not photogenic”. . . .”I need to lose 20 pounds first”. . . “I’ve got stretch marks and belly flab”. . . “I’m super shy”. . . “I’ve never done anything like this before”. . . “I hate having my picture taken” . . . trust me, you can do this, and you will be SO glad you did.

For Ms. J. . . things did not work out the way she planned, but she was absolutely empowered by her session, and she moved forward more confident in herself. Thank you Mr. J for allowing me to share the images from your boudoir session! xxoo

Loved having miss J in my studio for her anniversary boudoir photography session. She was funny, beautiful, courageous, and best of all, she laughed at all my lame jokes!  We both loved all the images of her laughing, it was such a beautiful expression and perfect fit for her personality! She brought a few pin-up style outfits, and we incorporated the pin-up style into a modern boudoir photo session for her. Her images are all amazing, hot, sexy and amazing. . . I wish I could share them all with you!

What she said about her session: “I had Marie take some boudoir pictures as a gift for my husband. I was a little nervous at first b/c for years I have gone on and on about how UNphotegenic I am. Well let me tell you I am BLOWN AWAY! I love love love love my photos! They FAR exceeded my expectations and hopes. Marie was so sweet and very easy to talk to. I tend to be a little blunt, and my humor can be crass at times…. ha ha… and she just laughed along with me and didn’t make me feel like a weirdo. She’s a lot of fun. She also made me feel very pretty in the moment as well. I was very comfortable and confident with her. She was also PHENOMENAL at helping me to pose not just my body, but my face as well! I have never had a photographer take so much time to make sure that I would look good from face to toe in a photo before! Never. She was super prompt with all communications, and completed my photo gallery in record time! I am now struggling to pick which ones I want b/c she seriously sent me so many amazing pictures! I would highly recommend her to anyone. Do yourself a treat ladies and go see Marie!”

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