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You know that moment when you’ve worked so hard, you thought about it so long, and you finally get around to getting it all together, organized, done and finished??? When all of your team and people in your life that support you help to get it all together??? Today is that day!  Thank you to my amazing family, friends, clients, and make-up artist that continue to support me and making Pink Door Boudoir THE premier boudoir studio in Dallas! A huge thank you to my two amazing clients. . .these ladies are amazing, and I am so happy that they joined me in this journey to get the Boudoir Experience video finished! Much love – xoxo!

I recently saw an article online titled “why I don’t want boudoir photos for Valentine’s Day”, written by a guy. From a guys perspective they were all great arguments, but from a woman’s perspective, they just really just sucked. Based on my many years as a boudoir photographer I can tell you this: most women use their husbands/boyfriends as an excuse to do a boudoir photo shoot. The real reason? We need it for ourselves. WE. NEED. IT.  Maybe Mr. Man, just maybe, it’s not really about YOU. . . and just maybe, it’s really about US. We need to know we are sexy, we need to feel empowered, we need to feel glamorous. . . WE NEED IT. It’s human nature, and I can assure you from the female perspective, it’s totally normal.

I love showcasing client images (with their permission of course!), but I rarely share their stories:

One of my recent clients came in, looking so cute and gorgeous! She’s been married for 13 years (almost 14). We start going through her outfits and she says “I have to tell you, I was really excited about doing this, and I woke up today absolutely terrified”. Terrified is a huge word. . . So really what she is saying is that she’s vulnerable. . . she’s about to be exposed, and have her picture taken. . . she’s woken up and looked in the mirror and picked herself apart, examined all of her perceived flaws, and she did what we all do to ourselves every single day. What is it with our eyes? Why do they always see our worst instead of our best? After going through her outfits, we’ve got it all organized and we get started with one of her most comfortable outfits. I’m going slow, I’m helping her through each pose, every facial expression, and we are getting great shots! I show her one of her images, and she says “WOW! That’s amazing! How did you make my cellulite go away?”   Keep in mind, this is just the back of the camera she is seeing. It’s not a magic camera, and it does not edit photos as I take them (if you find one that does, let me know!), it’s just really her and un-edited. She’s feeling good now, she’s not terrified anymore, and we decide to jump right in and go for her sexiest and favorite outfit. It’s black, lace-ish, and awesome. We take a few photos and I show her one of the images. But this was the last image I  was able to show her. She was officially cut off from seeing previews after this one. Why? Because she started crying. Tears of joy, relief and amazement. Why? Because SHE NEEDED THIS. . . one pose, one outfit, one image. . . she was astounded that the image was her. She saw her, sexy, gorgeous, confident, breathless self in an amazing shot. . . she did not see her flaws. The next of set of images were. . . oh my god. . . mind blowing amazing! So sexy! She was confident and awesome, and there was no way I was going to show her these images yet. . . the tears would have been unstoppable!  So, it’s okay for us, for women to WANT and NEED a boudoir sessions. It’s okay to do it for YOU, it’s okay to be vulnerable, it’s okay to want it. . . it’s about YOU.
So my point to the Mr. I Don’t Want Boudoir Photos. . . let me tell you that you actually DO. . . because I can guarantee that your wife/girlfriend/fiance will be a new woman. . . she will be confident and sexy and seeing herself in a new light. She will look at her photos over and over again. She will start looking in the mirror and seeing her sexy side. Mr. Man – it’s not always about you. . . remember SHE NEEDS IT.

YAY! I am so excited to announce that Pink Door Boudoir Studio won the WeddingWire Couples Choice again for 2016! I’m beyond excited to receive this award 3 years in a row! The award is given to photographers with stellar reviews, and I am very appreciative to my clients for taking the time to review the studio and details about their sessions.

There’s a new package on the line-up list! The “Simply Pink” package is my newest package! It’s quick, easy, and affordable! This is a great option if you are running short on time, or if you are just wanting to dip your toes in the boudoir pool! The sessions are 30 minutes and include a four digital images that I send to you the SAME day! That’s the awesome part about this package! About 30 minutes after your session, your images will be ready (edited and looking amazing!) for you to view. You will make your selections, and will also have the option to add more images should you love more (and I know you will love them!).  I am beyond excited that I’m able to offer same-day viewing, and that you will have your images by the time you walk out of the studio!  More details about the new package can be found here: PACKAGES and PRICING.

Also sharing an image from Ms. M’s maternity boudoir session (more to come at a later date). I first met her in 2014 during her Bridal Boudoir Photo Session, and I was so excited when she reached out to me a few months ago to set up a Maternity Boudoir session! Her outfits were perfect, and we got so many amazing shots. Here’s a little teaser from her beautiful session!


Loved having Ms. A in the studio for her boudoir session! She decided that a boudoir photography session would be the perfect gift for her special man for Christmas! I could not agree more! Her outfit choices were amazing! Look at that neckline on the lingerie! Beautiful! My favorite outfit was her white t-shirt. . . it was perfect, and I just love how it’s so simple and so sexy on her! Here’s what she said about her session:

“I chose to do a boudoir photo shoot for my boyfriend as a unique Christmas present, looking around on the internet I came across Pink Door Boudoir. All of the beautiful photographs, Marie’s timely response, and the thought of getting put together by a professional hair and makeup artist (who by the way is amazing!), is what made me decide to go with Pink Door Boudoir.  I was skeptical about doing them at first, since it’s not everyday that you get in front of who I thought would be a complete stranger in lingerie. Little did I know Marie would not be a stranger at all, she made me feel so comfortable with her professionalism and charisma. Anyone that has ever thought of doing boudoir photos, know it is not only a wonderful present for your significant other but in the process it gives you a confidence boost like no other! I would recommend Marie to anyone I know and I will definitely be back to see you again soon!!! Thank you for making me feel sexy!”

Mrs. N came in the studio in November for her boudoir session! We had so much fun capturing amazing images. She’s going to be giving her husband a beautiful book for Christmas!

What she said:  “Im excited and can’t wait to have my friends go see you.  I was so nervous about it since having 3 kids I  pick a part my body like every other mom I’m sure, but you made me feel so good about myself and I have told so many friends about you and I hope to send you a lot of business because you are so gifted!”

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