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Boudoir photography and glamour sessions at my studio are for EVERY kind of woman. You are all so very unique and special, and there is never a limit to what you can do! My session are fun, relaxing, and when you leave, you feel so amazing, gorgeous, sexy and ready to take on the world! Boudoir is also for ALL ages! 20′s, 30′s, 40′s, 50′s, even 60′s! You are beautiful the way you are right now! Don’t worry about those wrinkles, or losing that extra 10 pounds. . . it’s time to love yourself and the skin you are in. Embrace your beauty! A big thank you to my amazing clients who submitted their age groupings and allowed their images to be shared!

I’ve been sharing sneak peaks on instagram every day from boudoir sessions in the studio (if you are not following me yet, do it! @mariepinkdoorboudoir). With permission, clients are saying YES to sneak peaks, so that they can see an image or two while they are waiting for editing. Of course anonymity is so important, so most are “faceless”, and I never-ever tag clients.  Even so, they are still unique and show emotion.  Today, one of my clients saw her sneak peak, and sent me a quick email. She’s a mom, a real woman, and she was so worried about her perceived flaws. Before she saw her sneak peak, she sent me this: “Thank you so much for today. I felt so nervous walking in, and amazing when I left!! You are amazing!!”.  After seeing her sneak-peak, here’s what she said:

Every time I look at Ms. K’s images, I’m instantly filled with happiness! She is such a sweet soul, and I loved that she chose me to be her photographer for her Bridal Boudoir session! She’s so adorable, and I’m beyond excited that she allowed me to share the images from her session! Her little black book was the perfect gift for her groom!!

Wedding planning and prep is always so time consuming! Sometimes we forget, or just don’t have the time to get our groom’s gift together before the wedding.  Sharing a few images from Mrs. R’s boudoir session! She did her sessions a few months after the weeding, and he loved them! Loved her spirit and daring bold red look! Since boudoir is a gift that keeps on giving, it’s the perfect gift any time of the year!

I get asked all the time “Why do you photograph just boudoir?” and “How did you get into doing this?”.  I had been doing traditional photography (families, kids, high-school seniors), and one of my very good friends asked me to do a maternity boudoir shoot for her. After I sent her the images to preview, her response was overwhelming! She loved her images and she was gushing about how amazing she felt and looked in her photos. I love to be fulfilled, and I love to know that I can help woman to see their true beauty! It’s a magical feeling, and it drives me to work hard and keep at it! I honestly work SO incredibly hard! I have photographed so many women, I spend my entire morning/day/night editing, answering emails, designing albums, and running my business. It’s so important to me, and whenever I feel burnt or overwhelmed, I still keep at it.  And why?  Because of reviews like the one below.  Her images are stunning, and she was so incredibly nervous. I remember her telling me “I don’t look like the girls on your website”.  The day she viewed her images, she called me and left a message. It’s absolutely the most powerful message I have ever received.  She was crying so much, it was difficult for her to get the words out. She was so happy and emotionally moved by her images. Listening to the message, I started crying myself.  She, and my other clients, they are my WHY.

Miss A’s review:

“I got married about a month and half ago, and as a wedding present to my husband, I decided to do a boudoir shoot for him, and man did he love it! It was a present for my husband but little did I know it would end up being a present for me. I have been dealing with a lot of health issues for several years and it resulted me having a transplant as well as hip replacement. The scars on my body were a constant reminder of my struggles, though they symbolize my strength in fighting, it was a huge blow to my confidence. I looked at myself with utter disgust and I was so ashamed for anyone to see me especially my husband. I never felt beautiful and never felt sexy and I could tell how much it bothered my husband. Marie saved me and my self esteem, the day of the shoot I was a nervous wreck, I mean I think anyone who is doing a boudoir shoot knows its very nerve wrecking but Marie is seriously an angel! She kept me calm throughout my shoot and made me feel like I was a queen, I never felt so beautiful as I did with Marie shooting. I left the shoot smiling from ear to ear, and I just couldn’t wait to get my pictures. I remember the day I saw my photos, I was shocked I could not believe that it was me! I was in my room and I had a complete melt down, I didn’t know what had happened but I just could not stop crying. For the first time in my life I felt like I was beautiful and sexy and for me to admit that has been such a battle. Marie saved me and my self esteem, girl you brought light into my life, because of you anytime I am sick or have any down days, I open that black book and look at my pictures and it is such a confidence booster that I have no choice but to force myself to keep going even when there are days I want to give up. You are truly my angel and I never ever thank you enough for what you did and have done for my husband and me!”

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